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by Mike Fields


"JWU Wildcat"

by Mike Fields


"WSU Cougar Pride"

by Mike Fields

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Mike’s portfolio includes wildlife and design oriented contemporary sculptures.

Mike places exceptional attention to proportion, composition, detail, and taste. For his traditional artwork, he accumulates thousands of images of his subject and takes hundreds of measurements to ensure accurate form. Although Mike places a high emphasis on  accuracy he understands that design, gesture, and the ability to move the viewer is what has challenged master sculptors for centuries.

Mike is applying years of extremely high expectations of accuracy, craftsmanship and design as a traditional sculptor to the latest trends and technology to create cutting edge contemporary art that stands apart from the competition.

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…“There seems to be subjective as well as objective measures of art. Although art is subjective in its nature, I believe objective qualities such as attention to craftsmanship, design and the depth of thought that go into a work are necessary to support the power of the piece. However, none of this means anything without the creative insight from which the piece originates. I am only beginning to understand that art is much more than a mechanical process. A painting or sculpture could be well executed, yet have no depth of meaning and fail to evoke emotion. I believe the true challenge to an artist is to bring the work to life and move the viewer.” Read More…

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Follow Mike’s latest projects, insights, and get a sneak peak at new contemporary designs.