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Mike Fields Biography


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Mike Fields has mastered the design and creation of wildlife bronze sculptures. His attention to fine art and detail has captured the attention of private collectors and businesses around the globe and has set him in an elite group of artists who find success in this challenging field. One reason behind Mike Fields' success is his passion for wildlife art which he expresses through his wildlife sculptures. Sculptor Mike Fields began learning technique, form and design from his father at an early age. Growing and maturing with each new work, he is determined to continue to refine his style and technique in a quest for perfection. With time and consideration, Mike breathes life into his creations and develops his gift for realism with each precise movement of his instrument. Quality workmanship is never compromised in order to release a new work into the marketplace. Each piece can require from 500 to 2000 hours to complete and each new composition demands increased attention to meet his accelerating expectations. “There seems to be subjective as well as objective measures of art. Although art is subjective in its nature, I think objective qualities such as attention to craftsmanship and the depth of thought that go into a work are necessary to support the power of the piece. I am only beginning to understand that art is much more than a mechanical process. A painting or sculpture can be well-executed, yet fail to evoke emotion. I believe the true challenge to an artist is to bring the work to life.” Mike’s deep inquiry into style, culture and methodologies molds his work into powerful pieces. His father’s tutoring emphasized the importance of proper proportions and attention to detail. The journey into the creation of Mike’s own art has added a restless and continuing obsession with improving the depth of his skill and emotion he conveys. “The very recognition of beauty is an art. It is from that recognition that I am beginning to gain a deeper inspiration and I am forever humbled. Art offers a rare opportunity to share a point of view, aesthetically or intellectually with others,” says Mike. Young Fields has already gained recognition from art collectors and dealers nationwide. Mike Fields has began his portfolio with elk, tigers, angels, eagles, red-tailed hawks and a Friesian horse. Mike intends to create more horse sculptures including arabian horses and more friesian horses. He would also like to sculpt leopards, lions, bulls and more human figures.

Chester Fields began his professional career as a painter and draftsman. As a draftsman, he spent two years in the military stationed in Germany working for the Adjutant General at USAREUR Headquarters, at which time he was able to travel throughout Europe during his leave and study the fine art of the masters firsthand, including the esteemed inspirers in history, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, and Michelangelo. Observing the oil paintings, monuments, and garden statues with an inquisitive eye, Chester Fields kept note of his favorite fine art techniques, and incorporated those into his wildlife art work. The oil paintings left a lasting impression on the yound wildlife artist. After serving in the military, Chester Fields' exceptional portfolio landed him a position at American Sign and Indicator, winning out over 400 other candidates. After four years of creating outstanding art work—a theme consistent with Chester Fields—he launched his independent career as a painter and added many Native American art and wildlife art compositions to his repertoire. A turning point in Chester Fields' career came with his first sculpture, Splashdown, in 1984 depicting an eagle catching a fish. Presently a sold-out edition with only a few monuments remaining, Splashdown continues to be a favorite eagle statue composition. Successfully transitioning from painting to sculpting, and being successful at both, is rare—as these disciplines are quite different in nature. With sculpture, Chester Fields realized his ability to bring the eagles on his canvases to life in three-dimensional form. Chester Fields' wildlife art work is displayed in fine art galleries throughout the United States and Singapore. He has received formal awards and major exhibitions for his fine art and has a respectable record of corporate and private collectors, including Harley Davidson, Chevron Corporation, Jepson Corporation, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei, Kristy Yamaguchi, and August A. Busch III. Chester Fields' fine art is purchased and displayed outside as garden statues in front of homes and golf courses and inside collectors' businesses and homes on pedestals or suspended from above. No matter what the collectors' preferences are, it is no doubt that Chester Fields' eagle sculptures and wildlife art are a wonderful addition to any environment. In addition to his collection of wildlife statues, Chester Fields' wildlife art paintings and prints are available for purchase. His Native American paintings were commissioned and can only be viewed in a complete book of art work. Please contact Chester Fields, if you are interested in one of his wildlife art paintings, sculptures, or monuments. Each piece of art work comes with an authentic proof of purchase and instructions how to best care for your Chester Fields fine art. Please take time to enjoy Chester's fine art prints which include: leopard paintings, tiger paintings, deer paintings, pheasant paintings and other wildlife art paintings. Chester Fields is releasing a collection of his wildlife art paintings in fine art prints. These fine art prints will be printed in giclee on canvas. Don't miss this oportunity to get your own fine art print from Chester Fields.


Contact Mike: 509.951.8713

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