Traditional and Contemporary Sculptures

Mike Fields began his career creating wildlife sculptures with an emphasis on craftsmanship and composition. He is now entering phase II of his career, focusing on contemporary sculptures that satisfy an underlying aesthetic demand for sensuality, balance, simplicity and beauty. He intends to have several phases of his career, each with a different primary expression.

Please take the time to explore his traditional and contemporary sculptures.

Get To Know The Artist

Mike Fields

Mike places exceptional attention to proportion, composition, detail, and emotion. He accumulates thousands of images of his subject and takes hundreds of measurements for his wildlife sculptures to ensure accurate form. Although Mike places a high emphasis on accuracy, he understands that design, gesture, and the ability to move the viewer is what has challenged master sculptors for centuries.

“I am still discovering what I would like to express through my work and how I would like to convey it. Art offers a rare opportunity to share a point of view—aesthetically or intellectually—with others, which may be difficult to express through other means. I would like to focus on this ability of art in my future work.” Read More…

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New Sculptures & Insights

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