Mike Fields


29 Years In Business
Passion for Science & Philosophy
BA Finance

Traditional to Contemporary

 11 monumental sculptures 10’-15’ high

Fields draws from experience as a traditional sculptor, with decades of high expectations of accuracy, craftsmanship and design, to create cutting-edge contemporary art to meet the viewer’s desire for originality and surprise.

Find out more about his current and future art: Design Principles & Inquiry

Unity Mike FIelds The One 500 Million Contemporary 17


A Class

Fields’ digital masters are taken to A Class surface quality before production, ensuring near perfect reflections in the master CAD.


Rapid-prototyping and CNC, combined with hundreds of hours of finish work, ensure the A Class surface quality comes though in the master.


Fields’ final sculptures are executed in various materials such as stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, carbon fiber and various composites. Only ~3 metal shops in the world can achieve the near flawless #8 polished stainless steel surface required by Fields.

Best in Class

Public, residential
& Commercial art

Mike Fields Sculptures provides the highest quality sculptures available for public art and for residential and commercial properties. Working with public art committees, architects, developers, and designers, Fields is filling an underserved niche by offering fully-integrated, flawless artwork to complement the quality of luxury properties and act as iconic public art.

Mike Fields Contemporary Artist Modern Sculptor


 Blockchain Authentication

All contemporary sculptures are copyrighted and assigned a Non-fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain under ‘Mike Fields Sculptures’ smart contract, ensuring accurate provenance.  A sculpture must have an associated NFT minted by ‘Mike Fields Sculptures’ smart contract to be authentic.

NFTs will be transferred to the authentic owner of the sculpture. Do not purchase works without correct provenance. Counterfeits will be prosecuted to the highest degree. Contact us for any questions regarding authenticity of works.



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