Contemporary Sculpture

As part of my “Beauty Series,” “Swan” is one answer to my question “how to create a piece that is simple, yet beautiful and compelling?” I am interested in finding balance and harmony between apparent dichotomies such as: foreign-familiar, calm-dynamic, soft-rigid, feminine-masculine, organic-inorganic .

“Swan” is a contemporary sculpture loosely inspired by a swan, with an emphasis on pure design. The sweeping sensual and sinuous lines of this piece explore an aesthetic that satisfies, while maintaining balance, intrigue and surprise from all viewing angles.

The sculpture is cast in 316L stainless steel, refined to a mirror #8 finish, produced at the highest quality available. The master of each edition is rapid prototyped to the highest standard to ensure a near flawless form.  Modern design and execution at its finest.

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Phone: 1 (509) 951.8713 mike@mikefieldsbronzes.com


Height: 4.5' , 9' , Larger


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