Contemporary Sculpture

As part of my “Beauty Series”, “Unity” portrays the eternal dance. Unity is a contemporary exploration into the simplicity and elegance of pure design.

The piece acts as a metaphor for the interrelation of two people, two entities. Each flowing around and melting into each other, yet remaining independent. Not one, not two.

As the piece rotates, each entity, as well as the whole, morphs in surprising ways.

We are each different in relation with others, from moment to moment and from various perspectives. We are ever in movement and transformation. We are in relation to the whole and it to us. We are total undivided movement. Division is in the mind.

The sculpture is cast in 316L stainless steel, refined to a mirror #8 finish, produced at the highest quality available. The master of each edition is rapid prototyped to the highest standard to ensure a near flawless form.  Modern design and execution at its finest.

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Height: 6', 12', and Larger


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