Mike Fields

Price Ranges

 Contemporary, Traditional & Wildlife

All sculptures are custom order.  For pieces 6′ and higher, prices start at $100,000 USD. Pieces under 6′ start at 15,000 USD

Some existing traditional sculptures start at $25,000

Customization Pricing Factors


Fields’ designs are customizable regarding size, material, and finish.  Pricing is a function of these factors. Rotation is additional.

Fields’ quality standards result in work that is more refined and at a higher price point than his competition.



Composite < Bronze ~= Carbon Fiber << Optical Mirror Quality Stainless Steel

The above materials are listed in the order of cost. Bronze and Carbon Fiber pricing flip depending on sizing – bronze becomes relatively more expensive as size increases.

*Fields has only found one company, in Germany, that meets his standards in stainless steel. They produce Jeff Koon’s work and thus this option is significantly more expensive than the others.



Stainless steel – Polished or satin, with or without color tinting (add on fee)

Bronze – polished, satin, or with or without an array of patina colorations.

Composite and Carbon Fiber – An array of opaque coating options.

*The carbon fiber material will not be “exposed” as the resin does not hold up long term under sun exposure.



Rotation adds cost associated with the turntable, but also demands that the sculpture be near perfect in conformity to ensure it stays extremely true throughout rotation, which contributes to the additional cost.

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