Contemporary Sculpture

Unity is an exploration into the simplicity and elegance of pure design, portraying the eternal dance of two entities in relation.

The Eternal Dance

Each flowing around and melting into the other, interdependent, yet relatively independent.

Not one, not two.

Meaningful and beautiful in themselves, yet in relation, something different and more.

We are a reflection of each other and of that which is beyond.

Through time and space, ever in movement and transformation.

Sewn into the fabric of the cosmos.

In relation to all, never alone, never lost.

Endless divisions, existing only in the mind.

There is only undivided flowing movement, and we are that.

We are Unity.

Contact Info

mike@mikefieldsbronzes.com | *Renders for visualizing sculpture in various locations.


Height: 6', 10' Artist Proof, 12', and Larger


Contact for pricing

Unity meets The One

$500 Million Home in Bel Air, LA

“Unity” is currently being showcased in “The One”, a 100,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, by Nile Niami of Skyline Development.

The 11′ tall contemporary sculpture is white and is on a rotating pedestal in the foyer of The One.

The One is the most expensive home in the America, currently listed by Williams and Williams Group.


The sculpture is available:

Cast in 316L stainless steel, refined to a mirror #8 finish, produced at the highest quality available.

In highly refined composite, coated in various colors and finishes.

Cast in bronze

The latest technology and the highest craftsmanship ensures a near flawless form – contemporary design and execution at its finest.

Special Thanks to:

Gary Watson – for the finish work and flawless white finish.

Ash Burrows, Kyle Foster & Adrian Biggins for taking my master to Class A for production.

Brandon Burgan & Antone Burgan for the media work.



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