Moon Eclipse Sculpture

Part of my “Moon Series”. If we can’t all go to the moon, why not bring it to us?

I gained an immeasurable inspiration & appreciation for the moon by viewing the 2017 solar eclipse. It was a direct experience of the perfection of the Cosmos, both in function & beauty, which are so perfectly married together. I have had a love for science since I was a child & have gained great enjoyment and wonder learning about physics & cosmology. But, there are times when an experience of nature, or beauty, brings to life a mere conceptual appreciation. Those moments cannot be put into words, but the mind struggles afterwards to find some poetry to capture the experience that was so real, intimate and significant. I am usually left with a feeling that the meaning and significance of life, of the cosmos, is life itself. Not some pursuit, not some mythology, or even a description of what is, but what Is, itself, when laid naked before the heart that sees through the eye & awestruck mind.

We all get glimpses of these fleeting moments that stay with us. My endeavor is to remind, or perhaps create, one of these moments for the viewer, of something beyond words, of the Immeasurable.


“Gravity Well”

“Gravity Well” is a variation of “Moon”.

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12' - 20' High


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