Contemporary Moon Eclipse Sculpture

“Paragon” is a contemporary sculpture design inspired by viewing the 2017 Eclipse. This is part of my “Moon Series”

This is my tribute to viewing the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed – Totality. It could not even be captured by the mind. It was like the cosmos’ signature of perfection, surreal, yet deeply real and totally magical. It left my mind suspended in wonder and my heart filled with joy. The most profound things in life cannot be put into words.

I find it particularly interesting an event that is so ephemeral can provoke such a deep sense of meaning. It is perhaps it’s very transitory and rare nature that laces the experience with such intensity. I once pondered whether something temporary, a relationship or experience, can have meaning, significance. The Eclipse has answered this question.

Is it the absence of a thing that reveals and clarifies its meaning? Have you ever noticed that it is sometimes in the absence of someone that you appreciate them the most?

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mike@mikefieldsbronzes.com | *Renders for visualizing sculpture in various locations.


12' High


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“Deep Cuts”

Contemporary Sculpture

“Deep Cuts” is a variation of “Eclipse” without the moon


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